This site is a place for me to post about computer and electronics projects that I'm interested in or tutorials I'm working on.

About this site:

This website is intended to be used as a place for me to post projects, guides, and other random stuff that I'm messing sround with in my spare time. It's mainly for fun and my own reference as I learn but hopefully it can be of use to others who are also interested in the same subjects. 

I have used and followed loads of tutorials from various websites to help me with projects, so wherever I have used somebody elses work to find a solution the original source will be linked.

If you can improve on the guides or have a better method (which is pretty likely since I'm learning as I go with a lot of the projects), please feel free to comment on the post or email me.


If you want to get in touch or if you want to request that something is removed from this site, you can email me at: contact@neonswamp.com.