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Scumm was originally a scripting language developed for the Lucas Arts game Maniac Mansion which was then used as the base system for a bunch of point and click adventure games including Monkey Island, Discworld, Full Throttle and many more. ScummVM is a virtual machine of the Scumm system that lets you run your old scumm games on current systems and consoles.
You can read more about ScummVM and the games that are currently supported at
This isn't really much of a guide as all you really need to do is install ScummVM, so this post is really just for reference and to remind people that they can play their old Scumm games on their SBC's.

You will need... 


Raspberry Pi - I'm using the Rpi 2 Model B+ running Raspbian but I expect it would work with other Debian based OS's, maybe others too.
MicroSD Card with your OS installed (Raspbian recommended)
USB keyboard & mouse
5v power supply for Raspberry Pi
HDMI cable
HDMI compatible monitor or TV
Network connection
USB stick for game storage - not necessary if you are storing your games somewhere else connected to your Rpi but for this guide I'll put the scumm game files on usb.


Game files for a ScummVM supported game - If you don't have one to test you can download some games for free on the scummVM website:

1. Installing ScummVM

Assuming you are using Raspbian and you are all set up (If not see the RPi start up guide on this site for help). You will also need to be connected to the internet to download and install ScummVM.
If you don't boot to command line open up a terminal window from your Raspbian desktop then enter the following command to download and install ScummVM on your system.

	sudo apt-get install scummvm

Once this has finished installing you can run ScummVM by typing 'scummvm' into the terminal window:


You should be greeted with the ScummVM GUI where you can add and play your scumm games. These screens are from the PC version of ScummVM but the options are the same.


Now that ScummVM is running you need to add some games.

2. Add original scumm game files to USB

As mentioned earlier in the overview, you can either use your original scumm game files from a CD/flopy disk or you can download some from the ScummVM website here:
Once you have your game files you need some way of accessing them from your Rpi but for this guide I'll just use USB storage.
For more detailed info about which files you need for particular games you can visit the ScummVM website, but for now use your PC to copy all the files from your original game source (CD/floppy disk/download folder) to a new folder with a sensible name on your USB storage.Connect this USB storage to your Rpi and open up ScummVM.

Click the button 'Add Game' and browse to your USB storage and the folder containing your game files before selecting 'Choose'

Once these are added you should get an info screen confirming that ScummVM has recognised the game and the details.


Once you return to the main ScummVM screen you should now be able to select the game you have added and click 'Start'
If everything has worked your game should now begin in a new window.

I can't seem to find a way to play the games in full screen mode - You can select 'Full Screen' from the options in the ScummVM menu but it just adds black borders around the original screen size. If anyone finds out how to fix this feel free to comment and I'll update this post.

You can see the games that are supported by ScummVM on the website but I have tested it with Discworld 2 and the Monkey Island games.



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